Savory Travel: San Luis Obispo

VACATION! To quote Dumb and Dumber, I like it a LOT. Part of living a savory life is to take a break from your everyday habitat. Whether it’s a day trip to a nearby town or international destination or something in between, it’s so important to take a breather.

For me, trying to build two businesses while trying not be a total loser hermit and maintain some form of a social life are fun challenges, but it does takes its toll. For months, I had been looking forward to going to my friend Cathy’s wedding, and when the time came to leave for the coast of California, I was more than ready.

On our first day, Brandon and I landed in San Francisco and we walked all around the city for hours and unfortunately had time for just one meal. So, we did the best we could and stuffed ourselves at Gracias Madre, a delicious vegan concept restaurant by Cafe Gratitude, then walked a few blocks to snack on ice cream at Bi-Rite Creamery.

The next day, we drove along route 1 and had multiple eyegasms (that is what it sounds like) and arrived to meet our friends at Castoro Cellars in Paseo de Robles for wine-tasting. The next couple days were spent going to the massive local farmer’s market, hiking up Bishop Peak, swimming in a heated pool, going to Avila Beach, and buying fresh fudge from Avila Valley Barn, a quaint marketplace with fresh fruit, pies, and other country goodies. A couple notable restaurants we experienced are Big Sky Cafe where we got hot apple cider with breakfast and Buona Tavola, where the shrimp papparedelle was so good I couldn’t even talk until halfway through the meal.

The rest of our stay flew by, and the night before we left, we stayed with family in Cupertino. There, we got to end our vacation with Vietnamese spring rolls. I really couldn’t have asked for more.

So it was with memories of gorgeous scenery and delicious food that we headed home this past Monday, but at the very least we have hundreds of photos to remember our trip. Check out a few highlights below!


One last note – I did not watch what I ate on this trip, and I probably drank a tad too much wine. But I am relaxed and more motivated to get back to my daily healthy habits since this vacation was the treat I needed. No deprivation or self-guilt trips here!

Happy travels,

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