I am a homeowner!

I admit it. I have not exactly been regular in my blogging.

And though it is a major blogging faux-pas to tell your audience “I’m so sorry I haven’t been writing, this is why…”, I’m going to do just that.

I moved.

Most people know that the stress levels with this life event is right up there with weddings and funerals, and so I hope you can forgive me for not having posted anything in the past two months.

Here it is – a sneak preview of my beauteous home in which has been the biggest time burglar since late May!


The best part? I have an actual kitchen with counter space to cook. This is a huge upgrade from our last home, which was a 650 square foot apartment with a very compact kitchen.


Given how your living space is so important and impacts your daily life, I feel incredibly spoiled…and grateful.

I’m deep in the world of nesting and organizing, but I plan on posting more on this beast of a project!

More soon,