How To Trick Yourself Into Exercising

For a lot of people, exercise sucks.

Of course it does. The amount of energy and motivation required to move out of inertia (which is placed so comfortably on the couch) is enormous. It’s so much nicer to just…sit.

I felt no differently.

I had a super tough time getting off my butt, and it wasn’t because I was watching TV. I was just too busy to take a breather from the computer. My desire to work out is no match for my workaholic tendencies. But I faced some tough health and lifestyle problems, which is why I eventually pried myself away from the computer.

So how do you get yourself moving once, let alone regularly?

I’ve come up with a two-pronged solution.

1. Stop thinking of it as exercise. How about calling it “recess” instead, like from back in the day when you were a kid in school?

Remember how recess was usually a GOOD thing where you got to run around, go on the monkey bars, and just generally be free? I’m not sure why that stopped when we hit adulthood, but I’m convinced people over the age of 10 need a recess at least twice a day, every day.

A recess is a break, and we all need breaks. The only difference between now and back when we were kids is that someone told us when to take one.

Now we are adults! We can do anything we want, when we want!

Consistency is so helpful. Having a set schedule of when you are going to do something fun and physical for yourself takes the pressure off from having to plan it every week, and that fees up your mind from having to make more decisions.

2. The activity has to be fun, rewarding, and shouldn’t make you feel like dying at the end of it.

Fun can mean something new, or having a friend join you so it’s actual playing time. “Rewarding” and “not feeling like passing out” are synonymous to me in this sense, but decide what that means for you.

What do you think?

Could these tactics work for you? What are some of your mental blocks when it comes to exercise? Leave a comment below, I’d love to hear from you!

See you soon,