How To Fail at Convincing Others To Go Vegan

Today, it was posted on The Huffington Post that a well-known rock star compares eating meat to pedophilia.

I don’t even know where to start with this one, and frankly, this pisses me off beyond all comprehension. As a former fan in my teens, this is particularly sad to write.

Let me state and reiterate that I firmly believe everyone has a right to believe whatever they want. And though I am a carnivore myself, I acknowledge that the meat industry is foul, corrupt, and dangerous, and it’s best to support local.

However, I’m not here to discuss what is right and what is wrong as far as dietary preference. I’m here to talk about blatant judgement.

I can get behind supporting vegetarianism and veganism in an attempt to better the environment and do better for your health.

What I cannot get behind is this crazy hypocrisy and self-righteousness so foul that I almost have a gag reflex. Is this truly the way to convince others that veganism is a good thing?

I wonder if this rock star knows that there are animal products in car tires, plastic bags, shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste, and computers?

Because seriously, if he thinks that he is somehow GUILT-FREE in his pure existence on this planet, and that he has absolutely no hand in using animal products, he is awfully deluded.

I wonder if he takes this into account as his tour bus rolls along the country? Would he be so willing to stop touring, to bike everywhere, to never ride an airplane, all in the name of not harming animals? Somehow, I think not. And would he alienate all his fans for simply keeping up with hygiene? Not so sure about that. Daddy’s gotta get paid, after all.

He is a shining example of someone who gives vegetarianism and veganism a bad rep.

Sorry, famous rocker, hate to break it to you. You just being alive means you’re going to step on some animal’s toes.

His attitude is exactly the antithesis of bio-individuality, and respecting others’ choices.

I’m not saying one dietary preference is better or worse than another, but what we can do is educate ourselves, make decisions based on our own moral compass, and try not to judge others along the way.