Essential Oils 101: Homemade Body + Lip Scrubs

When it comes Christmas, I do prefer making gifts instead of buying. But since the holidays can be an insanely stressful time of the year, I wanted to find something manageable and fairly affordable. Cue in Martha Stewart’s genius.

I thought this was a perfect idea since I’m also becoming more and more interested in holistic skin care, and this would be a great introduction.


The best part of the process was going to the natural foods store and exploring the various essential oils. I had no real knowledge of what aromatherapy was until I took the time to test-sniff each essential oil and read about its uses on the side of the bottle. I spent almost two hours in the store, trying to decide what to try! In the end, I bought several, but decided to make what the Martha Stewart recipe called for, and admittedly my packaging was not the most unique in the world (since the instructions come with templates – hard to refuse such convenience!).

In the end, not only did these make sweet gifts, but I learned something very important about myself: 2013 is going to be the year where I become obsessed aromatherapy…

See you next year!


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