Crafty Time: Spice Organizer

I used to be an Etsy seller wannabe. A big one.

It didn’t hit me till years later (I was a bit slow) that I realized I just did not like slaving away over handmade goods, and the ones I did make I wanted to keep for myself. So I said goodbye to that dream and felt content to enjoy my tremendous stash of art supplies at my own leisurely pace. Sadly I don’t get to make things as often as I used to, but I’m trying to change that since my love for cutting paper and pasting is unparalleled.

You might remember when I wrote about the Ayurveda diet. The meals I cooked called for many, many different types of spices. I like to shop in bulk since it’s more affordable, but the thing is that each spice comes in a tiny plastic ziploc bag. It wasn’t long before I was cramming them all into one large plastic bag as a way of storage. Since I still make use of these spices on a fairly regular basis, this became a nightmare to dig dig dig through the whole bag.

The Project

I went to goodwill in search of something that might work. When I saw this, I had a good feeling, and it cost me only $2!

I envisioned pasting some decorative paper on the outside to decrease the dated office look, and removing the inner dividers and replacing them with my own constructed out of cardstock and labels:

And voila! With all the tracing and cutting of the divider patterns, this whole project took me almost and hour. Not too bad in the world of crafting.

The holder barely fits all my crazy spices. I’m sure I’ll have to DIY another organizer at some point, but for now this is working beautifully!

What are some things you’d like to DIY for home organization? Brainstorming ways to get projects like this done is a favorite of mine, so leave a comment below if you have any ideas!

I love me some savory organization,

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