Cashew Lemon Cheesecake


It was a happy Saturday afternoon last weekend, and I got the urge to make a raw lemon cheesecake.

The idea of a raw cheesecake can make the average person cringe (“This is NOT cheesecake” and “Ewwwww, whaaaat?”), but I would never recommend anything that didn’t completely rule my world.

First, let’s get this very clear. No, it is not cheesecake because it does not have cream cheese. BUT. It successfully has the consistency of a creamy cheesecake, which is the awesome part, as well as a sharp tangy bite.

I broke out one of my favorite cookbooks from Cafe Gratitude, and modified their recipe to include honey instead of agave nectar since agave nectar is a tad on the evil side. I also chose to leave out the lecithin (which helps to bind liquids with oils) since it is mainly derived from soy, and when possible I like to avoid the stuff.

The best part of this dessert is that is gluten-free, soy-free, and dairy-free!

Here is what you do:

Makes 1 9-inch cheesecake
active time: 40 minutes if you have a tiny processor like me, probably a lot less if you have a nice big one!
prep time: 4 hours for soaking cashews


For the crust:

2 cups almonds
1/4 tsp of vanilla
1/8 tsp of salt
a heaping 1/4 cup of chopped dates (I used Medjool dates)

For the filling:

3 cups of soaked cashews (This is very important. Do not skip!)
1 1/2 cups of almond milk
1 cup of freshly squeezed lemon juice (around 8-10 lemons)
3/4 cup of raw honey
1 tsp of vanilla
2 pinches of salt
3/4 cup of raw unscented coconut butter


  1. Once the cashews are done soaking, you’re ready to make the crust.
  2. Using coconut butter, grease a 9.5″ springform pan (or 9″ pie dish, as I did since I didn’t have one)
  3. Mix almonds, vanilla, and salt in a bowl so that the vanilla can be dispersed as well as possible with the almonds
  4. Pour almonds, vanilla, and salt into a food processor and process until you have a fine crumble texture
  5. Add in small amounts of chopped dates to the crust mixture until the crumble begins to stick. Don’t worry if you feel this is not happening and all your dates have been added. You can press the crust firmly together with your hands in the pan
  6. To make the filling, simply blend all filling ingredients except for the coconut butter. Once smooth, add the butter and continue to blend.
  7. Pour filling into the crust
  8. Cover and refrigerate or freeze for at least one hour. If freezing, be sure to thaw for only 10 minutes and it will be ready to serve!




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