10 Things About Catherine

 1 - Everything she knows about good food, cooking, and being active is all thanks to her parents.

2 - She enrolled in IIN in 2012 thanks to a life cocktail of irritable bowel syndrome, zits, being fired from a crappy tech job, and most important of all: the desire to say screw it and do something new and interesting.

3 - She's had a lot of jobs. Here's a few: server, grocery store cashier, bookstore clerk, fine arts photographer, and web developer.

4 - Somewhere in between all those jobs she earned a Bachelors at Columbia University and a Masters at New York University.

5 - She can squeeze the life out of 15 minutes, and would be happy to show you how to do it too.

6 - She wants to adopt a red panda.

7 - Savory Wellness was named after her love of salty foods. No sweet tooth here!

8 - She lives for science fiction and action movies. 

9 - She is horrible at drawing. Do not ask her to be on your team for Pictionary.

10 -  She is not your typical hippie woo-woo health nut. The respect for modern science is real.

(...and BONUS fact: She would like to meet you! Say hi!)